Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunsetter Retractable Awnings

Sunsetter retractable awnings are probably the most well known brand name in this business. What can SunSetter offer you in the area of retractable awnings?

A SunSetter retractable awning can first and foremost increase your living space. How is this the case? Well imagine your deck or patio now. Maybe you go out there when the temperature is just right, or maybe after the sun goes down, you can enjoy that area for an hour or so each night. The problem being the sun is just too hot and intense during the day, especially when you add in the reflective heat as the sun bounces off your house.

On the other hand, with a Sun Setter awning, you have control over the sun, ultraviolet rays, even rain storms that may come through. It literally can transform your deck or patio into additional living space with the push of a button. You can finally enjoy that investment that cost you thousands of dollars-your deck or patio.

Sunesetter awnings come in two different and distinct flavors. A Sunsetter motorized retractable awning makes things simple and easy. In a minute’s time, you can easily open or close the awning via remote control. No need to even get up from your chair; simply push a button to increase the amount of shade on your backyard living area.

Beauty and aesthetics is another thing to consider, nobody wants to add something to the back of their house that is ugly. Fortunately, Sunsetter retractable awnings are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Almost any color is available, and the retractable awnings are also made in a variety of materials if you have a preference in that area.

Sunsetter awnings are made in a way that also gives you full visual access to your yard or your view behind your yard. Many feature a dual cable system that does not require any vertical supports. This means there is nothing in the way on either the sides or the front of the Sun setter awning. All of the support comes from two cables which extend as the awning is stretched out.

So why bother with a Sunsetter awning installation? Try cooling your backyard living space by 20 degrees in the heat of summer. Image one of those 95 degree days, where you just don’t want to be cooped up in the house. Now try going outside and hanging out on your deck in that heat.

Not a pleasant thought, but with a Sunsetter retractable awning, you will be able to do just that, enjoy your deck in the heat of summer.