Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Durasol Retractable Awnings

Durasol retractable awnings have become popular in recent years, mainly due to their elegance, functionality, and the willingness of the manufacturer to stand behind their products with a warranty. What can you expect from a Durasol awning?

Durasol makes both manual and motorized retractable awnings. The difference of course being that manual awnings use a hand crank while motorized awnings are controlled with a button or remote control. Durasol also makes several other solar shading products, such as DuraShade solar screens, as well as window awnings under their SunGuard and SunCatcher series.

Durasol does not sell direct to consumer, so you will have to find a local dealer to buy from if you want a Durasol rather than a Sunsetter awning. The company has for distinct levels for all different budgets.

The premium awning option from Durasol is the SunShelter Elite retractable awning. Described as the ultimate exterior shading system by the company, this model comes in both a manual and motorized version. Durasol backs the Sun shelter Elite with a 12 year warranty.

One step down is the Durasol SunShelter Select retractable awning. This model is fairly close to the Elite, with widths available up to 40 feet instead of 50. The warranty on the hardware on the Sun Shelter Select is 10 years.

The next model offered is the SunShelter Classic. This retractable awning model is more of a mass produced model, with six specific sizes available, ranging from 11 to 20 feet wide to cover your patio or deck. There are 24 set fabric patterns available, while with the Elite and Select models there are more than 200 choices available. The warranty on the Sun Shelter Classic is 5 years.

The final deck and patio awning manufactured by Durasol is the WeatherMaster model. This model is actually a fixed awning, supported by poles at the front. The Weather Master is available in widths up to 24 feet and has up to 200+ colors/patterns. It is also warrantied for 5 years.

So if you are looking for a custom awning outside of the SunSetter collection, a good idea would be to consider a Durasol retractable awning.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sun Setter Retractable Awning Choices

What kind of Sun Setter awning can you purchase? Of course the manufacturer wants you to be happy, so they make it their goal to create a product that the customer will be happy with. Sun Setter retractable awnings are no different, so let’s review what they have to offer.

Sun Setter motorized awnings are the most popular products sold. Because they are motorized awnings, you control whether they are extended with a simple remote control.

These awnings are available in widths ranging from 10 feet to 18 feet, and you can order in any 1 foot increment in between. Also called Sun Setter Pro Awnings, these will extend 10 feet and 2 inches out from your home, except for 10 and 11 foot width awnings. Those will extend 9 feet from the home. Sun Setter awning color choices will be reviewed at the end of this post.

Another way to go is with a Sun Setter awning that is manually operated. Several choices are available here, including the 1000XT, the 900XT, and the Sun Setter Vista.

The Sun Setter 1000XT requires no electricity, and uses a simple hand crank to extend the retractable awning. It extends just over 10 feet from the house, and is available in widths ranging from 7 feet up to 20 feet. This Sun Setter awning does require support arms that can either be positioned vertically, or angled back to the house.

The Sun Setter 900XT is also a manually operated retractable awning, and is especially designed for smaller decks and patios. Though it is available in widths ranging from 7-20 feet, it only extends out 9 feet from the house. Because of its smaller size, it costs less than the Sun Setter 1000XT.

Finally, the SunSetter Vista awning is a non-motorized choice when you don’t want support arms in the way. Using a double cable system, this awning is available in widths of 10 to 18 feet, and extends out 10 feet 2 inches. This is a top of the line non-motorized Sun Setter awning.

All of the Sun Setter awnings discussed here come in a variety of either solid or striped patterns. The striped patterns available include: Blue Stripe, Coffee Stripe, Green Stripe, Black Stripe, and Burgundy Stripe. The solid color patterns include: Evergreen, Sand, Taupe, Slate Gray, Sage, Cream, and Smoke Blue.

Selecting the right retractable awning for your backyard is as simple as measuring and picking a color choice. No matter what size deck or patio you have, the wide variety of Sun Setter awning choices will help you cool down come summer.

Sunsetter Retractable Awnings

Sunsetter retractable awnings are probably the most well known brand name in this business. What can SunSetter offer you in the area of retractable awnings?

A SunSetter retractable awning can first and foremost increase your living space. How is this the case? Well imagine your deck or patio now. Maybe you go out there when the temperature is just right, or maybe after the sun goes down, you can enjoy that area for an hour or so each night. The problem being the sun is just too hot and intense during the day, especially when you add in the reflective heat as the sun bounces off your house.

On the other hand, with a Sun Setter awning, you have control over the sun, ultraviolet rays, even rain storms that may come through. It literally can transform your deck or patio into additional living space with the push of a button. You can finally enjoy that investment that cost you thousands of dollars-your deck or patio.

Sunesetter awnings come in two different and distinct flavors. A Sunsetter motorized retractable awning makes things simple and easy. In a minute’s time, you can easily open or close the awning via remote control. No need to even get up from your chair; simply push a button to increase the amount of shade on your backyard living area.

Beauty and aesthetics is another thing to consider, nobody wants to add something to the back of their house that is ugly. Fortunately, Sunsetter retractable awnings are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Almost any color is available, and the retractable awnings are also made in a variety of materials if you have a preference in that area.

Sunsetter awnings are made in a way that also gives you full visual access to your yard or your view behind your yard. Many feature a dual cable system that does not require any vertical supports. This means there is nothing in the way on either the sides or the front of the Sun setter awning. All of the support comes from two cables which extend as the awning is stretched out.

So why bother with a Sunsetter awning installation? Try cooling your backyard living space by 20 degrees in the heat of summer. Image one of those 95 degree days, where you just don’t want to be cooped up in the house. Now try going outside and hanging out on your deck in that heat.

Not a pleasant thought, but with a Sunsetter retractable awning, you will be able to do just that, enjoy your deck in the heat of summer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

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Retractable Patio Awnings

Patio awnings are a cost efficient way to both beautify your home and save on energy costs. Not only that, they expand your living space by allowing you to spend more time outside protected from the sun by the patio awning cover.

What are some of the considerations when installing a patio awning? First, do you want a fixed awning, or a retractable patio awning? Fixed options can be something like an aluminum patio awning, or maybe even a metal patio awning. These involve more work, and may require a building permit. Do you want to get involved in pouring concrete for posts and carpentry work to make the awning strong? Another option is a wood patio awning, which is more attractive. There is obviously more planning and work involved in building a patio awning.

Searching the internet can give you some good tips on how to build a patio awning. However, there is a cost effective alternative. A retractable patio awning can be installed with less time and effort, yet provide the same benefits as a fixed awning. New designs have recently been introduced which offer various types of patio awnings.

These designs come in a variety of colors and sizes. No doubt any manufacturer can now provide you with a color that either compliments or matches your homes current design.

Patio covers like this provide much needed shade during the hottest months of the year, June, July and August. Retractable patio awnings are much better than just a patio umbrella, because that shade coverage is so much greater. Plus you won’t have to constantly move your patio furniture around just to stay in the shade.

Today’s awnings can be made from a variety of materials. The best choice is usually a canvas patio awning. This is because canvas is much more durable than other materials, and can stand up to the constant changes in the weather. Canvas is also stronger than other materials, so it won’t be affected by a little wind.

Patio awnings can also save you some money on your energy bill. How? By blocking intense sunlight that would usually beat against your home, or penetrate sliding doors that usually are at rear exits of most homes. When the weather cools down, a retractable patio awning can be pulled in, to let the sunlight back.

Who are the major players in the patio awning market? Sunsetter patio awnings are probably the most recognized brand name in the current market. Based in Malden, Massachusetts, Sun setter offers custom patio awnings for any home. Sunsetters come in a variety of sizes and applications, such as motorized retractable awnings or models that use a hand-crank. They also offer a free DVD or VHS tape on their lineup of retractable awnings, and a $200 coupon that can be applied to any purchase.

Other major manufacturers include Durasol Awnings, Sunair Awnings and Solar Screens, and Sunesta. Sunesta offers several sub-models including Sunlight, Sunflair, Sundrop, and Sunbrero. A few minutes of research can give you a good idea on prices, colors, and availability.

Another option that should not be overlooked is in your own local market. Warehouse clubs like Sam's Club, Costco and BJ’s wholesale may have different types of awnings available, especially in the springtime. While there may not be much of a selection, the price may be much lower than a custom internet ordered awning. Also check Wal-Mart, Sears, and Target. While large awnings may not be available here, these stores may have smaller awnings available.

Commercial patio awnings are also available from most manufacturers. Because commercial locations are usually larger and may require custom colors, manufacturers are more than willing to put their best foot forward in order to win over a customer requiring something like a restaurant patio awning. Obviously it means a bigger payday for the manufacturer as well, so they are more than willing to cater to this segment of the patio awning market.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Retractable Awnings

Now that summer is here, more people are looking into retractable awnings for their homes. What are some of the features and benefits of a retractable awning?

Lets start with the basics, that being the difference between a fixed awning and a retractable one. A fixed awning doesn't move of course, once it is installed it is always there. Generally these are supported by posts which potentially block your view of things. Patio awnings and deck awnings are ideal locations for the retractable version talked about here.

Retractable awnings pull back against the house, allowing additional sunlight to come into your home if that what you want. This gives the homeowner flexibility depending on the weather conditions. Also if severe weather strikes, a retractable awning can be pulled in to avoid damage to the material.

That being said, there are two specific types of retractable awnings, motorized and manual. What are the differences between these types of awnings?

A motorized awning is powered by a small motor, and doesn't require any work to expand or retract. Well, no work other than pushing a button or using a remote control. While a motorized awning will certainly cost more, it certainly cuts down on the manual labor and the effort needed to have your awning set the way you want.

A manual awning requires a little elbow grease on behalf of the owner. A hand crank is generally used to expand and retract the awning. While costs are of course lower, after a while you will certainly become annoyed with always having to go outside and do the work yourself. My general recommendation is invest in the motorized awning; you won't regret your decision later, whereas you certainly will with a manual awning.

Another great reason to install a retractable awning is that it can save you money on your energy bill. How? Up to 35 percent of the unwanted heat that enters your house comes in through sliding doors and windows. By using your awning to deflect the sun from your home on hot days, and retracting it during the winter to allow the sun to heat your home. Managing the direct sunlight hitting your home, you can significantly reduce your cooling costs during the hot months of the year. Awnings can also excessive glare as well as provide protection from UV rays.

Can you install a retractable awning yourself? In most cases you can. There is not a high degree of difficulty involved, just a few tools and a helper will do the trick. Motorized retractable awnings do require an electrical outlet, so that may be an addition expense if you need that installed on the exterior of your home.