Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sun Setter Retractable Awning Choices

What kind of Sun Setter awning can you purchase? Of course the manufacturer wants you to be happy, so they make it their goal to create a product that the customer will be happy with. Sun Setter retractable awnings are no different, so let’s review what they have to offer.

Sun Setter motorized awnings are the most popular products sold. Because they are motorized awnings, you control whether they are extended with a simple remote control.

These awnings are available in widths ranging from 10 feet to 18 feet, and you can order in any 1 foot increment in between. Also called Sun Setter Pro Awnings, these will extend 10 feet and 2 inches out from your home, except for 10 and 11 foot width awnings. Those will extend 9 feet from the home. Sun Setter awning color choices will be reviewed at the end of this post.

Another way to go is with a Sun Setter awning that is manually operated. Several choices are available here, including the 1000XT, the 900XT, and the Sun Setter Vista.

The Sun Setter 1000XT requires no electricity, and uses a simple hand crank to extend the retractable awning. It extends just over 10 feet from the house, and is available in widths ranging from 7 feet up to 20 feet. This Sun Setter awning does require support arms that can either be positioned vertically, or angled back to the house.

The Sun Setter 900XT is also a manually operated retractable awning, and is especially designed for smaller decks and patios. Though it is available in widths ranging from 7-20 feet, it only extends out 9 feet from the house. Because of its smaller size, it costs less than the Sun Setter 1000XT.

Finally, the SunSetter Vista awning is a non-motorized choice when you don’t want support arms in the way. Using a double cable system, this awning is available in widths of 10 to 18 feet, and extends out 10 feet 2 inches. This is a top of the line non-motorized Sun Setter awning.

All of the Sun Setter awnings discussed here come in a variety of either solid or striped patterns. The striped patterns available include: Blue Stripe, Coffee Stripe, Green Stripe, Black Stripe, and Burgundy Stripe. The solid color patterns include: Evergreen, Sand, Taupe, Slate Gray, Sage, Cream, and Smoke Blue.

Selecting the right retractable awning for your backyard is as simple as measuring and picking a color choice. No matter what size deck or patio you have, the wide variety of Sun Setter awning choices will help you cool down come summer.